Sister Hamilton has been called to serve for a period of 18 months in the California Arcadia Mission. She will be serving in Spanish.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!

I am so excited for Halloween. Right now I'm at a zone activity and
we're carving pumpkins and eating treats. My companion and I made
little witches hats, I'll attach a picture. We have a really great
zone. For actual Halloween I think we'll be spending the evening at a
members home.

This week we had some really cool experiences. We had 4 investigators
come to church this Sunday, 3 of whom had never been before. One woman
in particular had an amazing experience. The Gospel Principles lesson
was on Eternal Marriage and it touched her heart. She said that she
always thought there was something wrong with the 'till death do you
part' line in marriage vows and she wants to be sealed to her family.
She said she was going to take the gospel principles book home and
read it and that she couldn't wait to come back to church. She is such
a sweet woman. The funny thing is she looks kind of like a Latina
version of my grandmother and she loves to garden just like her too.

We also had a really powerful lesson with a part member family. The
husband is actually an RM, but he's pretty inactive. We decided to ask
him to teach the lesson. We asked if he would feel able to teach us
the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was all for it, he
got so excited and did an incredible job. At one point he had tears in
his eyes as he was bearing his testimony and I think it really effect
his wife who is an investigator. I'm so excited to work with them.

While we were at their house they fed us dinner. It was fish. With a
face. I'll attach a picture. It was actually really good with lemon on
it. I have eaten so many things in this short time that I never would
have eaten before and I have yet to have a bad experience.

I have to get going, but I hope you all have a great week and a
wonderful Halloween. Stay safe!

Love, Hermana Hamilton

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