Sister Hamilton has been called to serve for a period of 18 months in the California Arcadia Mission. She will be serving in Spanish.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hermana Hamilton and the Week of Three Flat Tires

This week's email comes late because yesterday there was New
Missionary Orientation so our pday was moved until today. The meeting
was great. We had bunch of little lessons taught by the APs, the
mission president and his wife (the Villanuevas) I especially liked
getting to know the Villanuevas a little better. They are so kind and
really excited to be here. They are from Mexico and apparently they
were expecting to be assigned to a Latin American mission. When they
realized only 40% of our mission is Spanish speaking I guess it was
quite a shock for them. I think it's kind of a blessing though because
it makes me feel like they really understand us. They are struggling
with a new language just like we are.

There are actually seven languages in the mission. Something pretty
cool is the Chinese speaking missionaries are about to make a Chinese
stake. It'll either be the first one in the world or at least one of
the first, I not sure, but either way that is super exciting. I hope
we can see such great things happen in the Spanish stake.

So as for the title of this email. We had three flat tires this week,
all different tires and all different days. On the upside my companion
and I are both pretty good at patching flat tires now. Hopefully we
won't have this keep happening. It was really frustrating this past
week because it kept us from meeting with people and teaching lessons.
I have to admit this past week was pretty hard and we had a lot of set
backs, but I have a lot of hope for this next week. We did find a new
investigator we're pretty excited about so hopefully we will see
miracles with her.

This week has really been about faith for me. Faith that Heavenly
Father listening and that everything will work out in the end. Some
many times I felt like I was at the end of all I could handle and then
something would work out like being able to catch a bus we shouldn't
have been able to or finally finding a referral who wants to learn
more after hours of not being able to find anyone. I especially think
it's important to have faith that something wonderful is going to
happen and remember you just have to keep moving forward.

I'm really thankful for the Book of Mormon. I've been trying to read a
little from it every night before bed in addition to the studies we do
in the morning. It's incredible how something written so long ago by a
bunch of men can apply so clearly to the problems I'm dealing with. I
can take courage in what I read and let go of the things that haven't
gone how I would have liked to.

If you get the chance you should go see Meet the Mormons while its in
theaters. I will admit the narrator is a touch cheesy, but the stories
are really powerful. We had a special zone meeting where we were able
to watch it. It was a great experience and pretty inspiring as a
missionary to see how the gospel is for everyone. The last story they
share really touched me.

I hope you are all happy and heathy and having a great day!
Hermana Hamilton

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